The White Snake 

“Even the darkest evil is brightly beautiful in “The White Snake,” a play that doesn’t want a single scene to whiz by without a wow from the audience. More often than not, this bold show, in its first East Coast production at the McCarter Theater in Princeton, sparks that kind of excitement.” - New York Times


It is difficult to think of a play of any sort that inspired in an opening night audience the kind of gaping, almost childlike delight inspired by The White Snake.” -


“OK, let’s unpack our adjectives: Dazzling. Magical. Ethereal. Transporting. Elegant. Funny. Gorgeous.  Got the idea yet that I liked “The White Snake,” which made its world premiere in the Bowmer on Saturday afternoon? I wasn’t the only one — not by a long shot.  How about a few more: Stupendous. Moving.” -  Bob Keefer The Reigster-Guard

Butoh Electra


“Truly this is a movement piece and all the prformers on stage are masters of it.” -


“Director Jordan Rosin’s successful synthesis of classical Greek and Japanese traditions enriches the myth at the piece's core, as do commanding, physically impressive performances from the Ume Group.” - named Butoh Electra one of the highlights of the NY Fringe Festival


“Butoh Electra manages to drive its points home through the strong physical acting of its 10-member ensemble.”  -


“Butoh Electra was purely Fringe—an intriguing concept pushed to the edge of a possibility, if not quite over the top of it. Billed as a “workshop production,” one hopes the newly-formed Ume Group will continue developing this martial-arts/butoh-tinged amorality tale set in feudal Japan, but based on Greek mythology.” -