Finished the production of Lifex3 by Razmina Reza

Finished the production of Lifex3 produced by LiFE THEATRE.

"Henry is the character that struggles with self-control and changes the most in each scene -- pathetic and implacable in the first scene, proud and temperamental in the second and calm but resentful in the third. Bhanbhassa chose the perfect actor for this challenge. Vin is fearless and brings a lot of energy to the play." - Bangkok Post

"And while New York-based Thai actor Vin Kridakorn, in the play’s poster, looked like his character didn’t quite belong to this play, he, as Henri, blew his co-actors off the stage with strong characterisation and clear diction –audience members in the balcony could hear and understand every word." - The Nation

Vin Kridakorn